I help plant-based women over 35 ditch the all-or-nothing approach, meal plans and diet mentality while gaining confidence and learning how to make those healthy habits stick.

Hi, I’m Nurse Kristin and for years I struggled with consistency on a plant based diet.

Here I was preaching the benefits of eating and living plant based while I was not the picture of health myself.

I was good all day but in the evening, things just fell apart. I could be good all week, but then the weekend came and I’d find myself eating vegan junk food.

I knew what to do and how to do it, I just couldn’t make those healthy habits stick. I purchased so many meal plans and joined so many challenge and reset groups.

I followed the advice of all the plant based doctors, watched all the documentaries, listened to the podcasts and even started a podcast of my own.

I felt like an impostor and I was sick and tired of not feeling as good as I knew I could. I wasn’t looking for a beach body image, I just wanted to feel healthy.

I wanted to be active and do the things that I loved to do without feeling winded, out of breath and like I was slowing people down.

I knew how much better I felt when I stuck to eating plant based and was ready to feel good about myself, my health and to feel comfortable in my clothes and in my skin.

I wanted to quit deleting photos of myself and I was ready to make a lasting lifestyle change.

If this is you, I see you and I understand how it feels.

After years of following meal plans and joining challenge groups I finally quit!  It was time to focus on what was going to work for me and my routine.

No more molding myself into someone’s habits and routines, it was time to figure out what was really going to work for my long term health.

It was time to stop bouncing around from plan to plan and guru to guru. I started focusing on what it was truly going to take to make those healthy habits last.

Once I figured this out, my health started falling into place. 

The weight started melting off. I had more energy and more endurance. My clothes fit me better and some were too big.

I felt confident in my ability to make healthy choices, not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

I finally felt healthy and feeling that way felt so much better than an evening of vegan junk food would ever feel.

I had found a way to make those healthy habits stick and to feel confident in my healthy and in my own skin.

This is why I’ve created Forever Change Coaching - To help people just like me and you, make those healthy habits stick.

So you can finally get unstuck and start living that healthy life that you deserve to live.

We all have our own likes, routines, schedules and lives. What works for your neighbor might not work for you.

As a client of Forever Change Coaching you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting!
  • Create a personalized plan to achieve those goals in a way that fits in with your schedule and routine
  • Ditch that all or none mentality and get unstuck
  • Receive one on one weekly calls for support, guidance and accountability
  • Receive email check ins in between calls to help troubleshoot and navigate your way around any challenges that you’ve encountered
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food and feel confident with your food choices
  • Be more active and do the things you want to do
  • Stop yo-yo dieting and following rigid plans
  • Receive healthy whole food plant based recipes to get you started
  • Make healthy changes that stick!

About Your Health Coach, Nurse Kristin

Hi, I’m Nurse Kristin and I’m a Registered Nurse and Certified Plant-Based Health Coach.  I have helped countless people, just like you, create lasting lifestyle change and healthy habits that stick. 

I help people make those changes without the need for meal plans and quick fix solutions. All while gaining confidence, and ditching fear and that all or nothing mentality.

It is my mission to help you succeed in your health and to start taking small daily steps that lead to lasting long-term health.

What My Clients Have to Say...

You are the first professional that listens to me and treats me like a person. You ask me questions and have really worked on getting to know me and you meet where I am. Everyone else treats me like a list of my diagnosis. I know if I stick with you, I will achieve my goals.

I am feeling really good since I started working with you. I have more clarity, my stomach feels better, I’m have regular bowel movements and my bloating is gone. I’m sleeping better, my heartburn is gone and I’ve lost 7 pounds this week!

“You’ve helped me figure out what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. I’ve realized that there is so much more we can do for ourselves and to heal ourselves without taking another medication.”

You’ve tried so many things already and nothing lasts. And believe me when I say, the problem isn’t you, it’s in the method. 

These plans and groups are created with an end date and they don’t set you up for lasting change. They don’t teach you how to navigate your way around life when it gets in the way.

These plans assume that you can magically turn into a brand new person overnight but for most of us, that’s just not possible.

And most of these groups are filled with people who aren’t health professionals and have no idea what they are talking about.

When you work with Nurse Kristin, you will receive one on one support from someone who has not only gone through what you are going through, but from someone who has helped countless people, just like you, create that lasting health change that you are looking for.

Health isn’t one size fits all and neither is the journey towards health. When you work with Nurse Kristin, together, the two of you will create health goals and a plan that is designed and tailored specifically for you, to achieve.

So you can start feeling confident and successful with your health while doing the things that you love and ditching the things that you hate.

What works for one person might not work for you, and this is why people get results working with me.

This program is all about you, and helping you create your Forever Change.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Get You ON TRACK to Your Health Goals

Here’s What What Will Happen When We Work Together

Work on your growth.  Not just to live and feel better, but to grow into that person that you want to be.

Integrate the education and knowledge that you already have to create lasting success and change.

Remove the barriers that are preventing you from becoming the person you want to be.

Practice, practice, practice to create new habits.

Learn from mistakes and failures to find what works for you.

Creating sustaining change that you are proud of.

Live that healthy, happy life you know you deserve!

What's Included in my 8 Week coaching program

  • Weekly Calls
  • Wellness Vision
  • Weekly Goals
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • Weekly Email Check-ins
  • Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plan

Not ready for an 8 week commitment?

You can schedule a 1 hour consultation with Nurse Kristin that will help you discover your “why”, your reason for creating a lifestyle change, and get the support you know you deserve.

Together, the two of you will identify your number one goal and create an action plan to work towards achieving that goal.

A 1 hour consultation can be very powerful and provides you with flexibility for your busy schedule. Session notes will be provided, along with a Wellness Vision to reconnect to your “why” to keep you on course.

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