SOSH 23: Jeannine Elder 

 February 19, 2018

By  Nurse Kristin

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One thing about a vegan diet that I find really interesting is how many subcultures there are within it. There are plant based vegans, vegans who follow a fruit only diet, there’s the high carb low fat approach, and there are also people who follow a potato diet.

Have you heard about this kind of diet? Where you eat only or mostly potatoes?  I know what you might be thinking “But potatoes make you fat”…

Well, Today I have Jeannine Elder with me who is going to share her story about following a potato diet. In February of 2017, Jeannine ate only potatoes for an entire month. She lost 8 pounds that month and was able to diminish her junk food cravings and reset her taste buds.

Now, a year later, Jeannine still follows a modified potato diet and is continuing to lose weight.

Jeannine has also struggled with Hashimoto’s Disease which is the most common type of thyroid disorder in America, affecting over 14 million people. Today Jeannine is going to share all about her journey with the potato diet, how this diet and approach have affected her Hashimoto’s and what she is doing to help others have their own health transformation.

One thing I really love about Jeannine’s story is that she didn’t have this crazy overnight health transformation. She didn’t see this rapid change in her health but she didn’t give up on her health either.

Jeannine is now helping numerous men and women achieve their health goals with a potato diet and she is also helping women with autoimmune conditions realize that they too can achieve a healthy weight with the power of the potato.

Connect with Jeannine on:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BananaWisdom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potatowise

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