Small Steps Daily Show: Starting Small 

 December 1, 2020

By  Nurse Kristin

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Small Steps Daily Show. Today’s Episode is all about Starting Small.

We’ve all made short term changes in our health, but how do we get those changes to last longer? That is what this show is all about, making healthy habits stick.

Today’s small step. The next time you want to work on making that healthy change stick, start small. Create a small habit and routine and then build from there. Starting small requires little motivation and builds confidence in your ability to successfully make changes that stick.

Make sure to tune in on a regular basis to get more small steps that you can take on a daily basis to help you with getting your health habits to last.

Click Here: to learn more about how I can help you create healthy habits that stick.

To Your Health and Happiness,

Nurse Kristin

Nurse Kristin

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